What Is Outreach?

Jan 30, 2024 | Beacon, News

Community outreach is you sharing with the wider community that you are a proud member of East Shore Unitarian Church. Sharing your excitement about finding a beloved community that shares your values and works to make our world a better place for all. Outreach is both big AND small.

Each quarter the ESUC Outreach Team will be selling T-shirts that you can wear out and about. Order yours here now! Here are a few ideas of places you can promote our Church:

  • Your child’s parent teacher conference
  • Making a public comment at a city council meeting
  • Marching in the Pride Parade
  • Black Lives Matter Flash Stance
  • Local farmer’s market or festival.
  • Patronizing a local business that demonstrates social justice such as The Taproom in Renton (hosts Drag Queen Story Hour) or Black Coffee Northwest in the Central District.

by Jeanne Lamont, Outreach Team