Women Helping Women Joins Women’s Perspective

Nov 29, 2022 | Beacon, Justice, News

We are pleased to announce that Women Helping Women is now joining with the ESUC Women’s Perspective Ministry Team! Here are continuing and upcoming activities:

We were able to keep up support of The Sophia Way homeless women during Covid by having two teams cooking and delivering monthly meals from their own homes. The Community cooking for Sophia Way MAY start up in January IF we find someone to take the lead. We are hoping to resume cooking together, using the North Room kitchen.

We are also joining the Giving Tree project organizing holiday gifts for Sophia Way residents.  Look for more information soon; the project gets underway in November.

We are resuming our tutoring sessions at Lake Hills Elementary, which we did for 3 1/2 years pre-Covid.  We already have 10 ES members who have expressed an interest in joining this rewarding and helpful project.  Lake Hills school is located 5 minutes from East Shore.  It is a low-income school with 60% of the students whose native language is not English.

Please contact Laurie Wick for more information.