Would You Like a Secret Pal?

Dec 1, 2020 | Members News, News

Things are getting depressing for some of us, as we have less contact with friends and family, and we still have a winter ahead. Sign up here as a Secret Pal will allow you to brighten the days for another congregant and at the same time receive weekly surprises in the mail.

Requirements to be a Secret Pal

  • Adults sign up on ESUC goggle drive providing your home address
  • You will be paired with another person and both identities will be kept secret until the beginning of 2021.
  • No fair trying to look through the directory to figure out the identity of your Secret Pal
  • Once a week you will mail, to the person’s home address, a card with something that you enjoy or something that has enriched your life. (e.g. a poem, a recipe, the title of a favorite book, a story from your own childhood, a favorite hike)
  • Check your mailbox regularly as you may get something besides bills and circulars if you sign up as a Secret Pat
  • The identity of your pal will be revealed January 2021.

by Connie Hirnle