Earth and Climate Action Ministry (ECAM) Launches Church-Centered Climate Action Program

Nov 30, 2023 | Beacon, Climate, Justice, News

This year, the Earth and Climate Action Ministry Team (ECAM) plans to partner with our Minister, Rev. Maria Cristina, our Staff, and interested church groups and individuals as we:

LISTEN TO their ideas, concerns, hopes to take care of the earth. We’ll encourage sharing with a few open-ended questions during:

  • Group meetings we are invited to;
  • Individual conversations;
  • A congregant survey.


  • Collaborate with other groups at the church, local, or global level,
  • Integrate resources as celebrants at specific themed worship services,
  • Facilitate an Earth Day Service April 21 and a culminating Earth Celebration event with other interested groups and individuals.

ECAM aims for East Shore’s Mission through: 

  • LOVE of the Earth from which we and all living things evolved and depend– CONSIDER WHAT A LOVING RECIPROCAL RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN US AND THE EARTH LOOKS LIKE;
  • SPIRIT of known and unknown forces of Nature that create and sustain everything–BE OPEN TO LEARNING TOGETHER;
  • COMMUNITY of the interdependent web of all the earth’s elements and life–COLLABORATE WITH EACH OTHER AND NATURE in MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL WAYS;
  • JUSTICE as good stewards who heal and enhance our relationships–DO WHAT WE CAN TO TAKE CARE OF EACH OTHER AND OUR HOME, THE EARTH.

We shared our plan and began our outreach at the newly formed Collaborative Justice Council on November 6.   We will invite ALL of YOU to exchange ideas.  To schedule a listening session please contact:  Kristi Weir [email protected]

Imagine, Learn, and Take Action with Earth & Climate Ministry 

“Imagine the air as the earth’s skin.  It is amazingly thin compared with the size of the planet.  This air layer is far thinner than the skin of an apple compared with its diameter.  Underneath it lies ocean and rock, and upon that rock, lies a wee bit of soil and greenery.  Yet inside this fluctuating layer of air, between a rock and a cold place, all life is protected and nourished.”  –Adapted from Per Epson Stokes