ECAM Members Lobby Legislators in Interfaith Action Day

Feb 29, 2024 | Beacon, Climate, Justice, News

Two Earth and Climate Ministry (ECAM) members (Ann Fletcher and Marilyn Mayers) participated in Faith Action Network’s Interfaith Action Day on February 8. They lobbied their state legislators (Districts 48 Bellevue and 5 Issaquah) to advance climate and environmental action and affordable housing. Faith Action Network (FAN) hosts this annual lobbying day, bringing different faith communities together to advocate for justice.

This year, morning workshops prepared attendees on specific legislative actions related to environmental justice & climate change, economic justice, immigrants and refugee rights, incarceration reform & accountability, housing, public safety, hunger and the social safety net and health care access. FAN also set up appointments with our own district legislators to talk with them about specific bills.

Already halfway through this short legislative session, some bills FAN supported had not made it through various committees and were dropped (notably proposals to create transparency for oil pricing, promote community solar, and addressing cumulative risk burden due to pollution). However, other bills were still in play that we urged legislators to support: if passed

  • HB1368/SB5437 will transition the state’s 12,000 diesel school buses to electric buses.
  • The Re-WRAP Act (HB2049/SB6005) will reduce plastic and packaging trash by focusing on producer responsibility and increasing curbside recycling.
  • Navigator for Energy Cost Savings and Access (HB1391) and Building Energy Labeling (HB 1433) will help households and communities identify needed home improvements and access subsidies to transition to cleaner energy.
  • Rent Stabilization (HB2144) will help retain affordable housing in our communities.

A citizen initiative (Initiative 2117) to repeal the Climate Commitment Act (CCA) was another important topic of discussion. CCA was a groundbreaking bill approved by our legislature in a previous session. Its multi-faceted initiatives are designed to boost our state toward significantly impacting climate change in the next decade.

Anyone can send a message to their legislator about these or other bills or issues at

Both Ann and Marilyn found participation in IFAD rewarding and encourage others to consider coming next year! We learned about the legislative process and challenges legislators face in trying to advance change. We also had a chance to meet with wonderful attendees from other faith traditions who share the same fundamental concern: to advocate for environmental and social justice. If you are curious, we’d be happy to talk with you about this legislative session and what you might expect by participating next year!

by Marilyn Mayers, ECAM