New East Shore T-Shirts Coming!

Aug 1, 2023 | Beacon, Justice, News, Top News

The Outreach Team has been working hard to design a new East Shore t-shirt to wear at rallies, marches, East Shore outings, worship, or even just out and about. In the end, we came up with three designs. Big thanks to East Shore member Katherine Fugitt who works at Buttonsmith for helping to put our vision into reality. 

The three shirts tie in with our mission statement. You will have the option of three slogans: “My Faith is Love (with the UUA’s Side of Love heart symbol)” “My Faith is Community,” and “My Faith is Justice” The back will have the East Shore logo and name. All the shirts will be printed on soft navy shirts and there are adult and children’s sizes. 

The t-shirts will cost about $20-25. We believe this is a great price and we also made choices which we feel reflects our values. Buttonsmith is a local, union supporting, fair wages paying mom & pop shop. These are all values we want to support and that often means paying a bit more. Those members who have financial hardships can speak directly with Nicole Duff and any member who wishes to buy an extra shirt for someone who may not be able to afford one is encouraged to do so!

Order Your Shirt TODAY!

Here are some tips to keep it lasting a long time:

  • Wash with cold water, inside out
  • Line dry or dry on low heat, inside out

The shirts will be available for pre-order at Salmon Bake on September 10th! We ask for you to pay with a credit card. We will have samples of each shirt plus other shirts for sizing. Shirts will also be available for ordering online through Realm!

We look forward to seeing groups of East Shore members and friends proudly wearing these shirts to spread the good word of Unitarian Universalism and ESUC!

by Nicole Duff, Director of Membership Development