Open Invitation to come to the Bellevue City Council Candidate Forum at East Shore!

Aug 31, 2023 | Beacon, Climate, Justice, News

Tuesday, September 19, 7:00 p.m. 

As countries around the world face growing urgency to address climate change and build environmental sustainability, policy makers at all levels of government are considering various policy options. Here in Washington, state government has passed significant legislation to address some aspects of the climate crisis. Cities too are taking action to reduce carbon emissions and transition to a clean energy economy.

Bellevue prides itself as a “City in a Park”. It has taken steps to address declining tree canopy, and agreed on targets to reduce carbon emissions from the transportation and building sectors. This is a crucial time for the city to implement significant plans to enable the city to reach these targets even as the population grows. The ability of Bellevue City Council to implement necessary measures will depend in large measure on who makes up the City Council in 2024 going forward.

East Shore’s Earth & Climate Action Ministry team along with local climate and environmental organizations (350 Eastside, Eastside Audubon, Indivisible Eastside, 300 Trees, Trees4Livability, Save Coal Creek, People for Climate Action/Bellevue chapter) invite all Bellevue residents to attend the Bellevue City Council Candidate forum on Tuesday evening, September 19th, here at East Shore.

All candidates will be asked to address specific questions related to the climate crisis and environmental stewardship. As a number of candidates are new and unknown to many in the Bellevue community, this in-person forum provides a great opportunity to get to know a bit more about their background and priorities before the November election.

Before the program begins, join us for dessert and informal conversation starting at 6:30 in the Sanctuary! The program itself will start promptly at 7:00 and conclude by 9:00. Pick up a raffle ticket and see what you might win at the end of the evening! (BTW, a recording will be available within days after the event if you cannot make it.)

Come engage and celebrate with us! For more information, contact: Kristi Weir or Marilyn Mayers

by Kristi Weir, Climate Action Ministry Team